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  PROUVE Victor
  Birth: 13/08/1858
Nancy, France
Death: 13/02/1943
Sétif, Algérie

Born in Nancy in 1558.
Son of a couple of artisans, his father is an embroidery drawer and ceramist modeller and his mother is a linen maid. He thus very quickly gets the notion of labour and of well done work. These values will never leave him since they will later be essential mainspring in his artist life.Victor Prouvé shows attraction but moreover a special gift for drawing. He first studies at the School of drawing in Nancy then at the French national college of art and architecture in the studio of the painter Cabanel. His first exhibitions will take place in 1882 at the Salon de Paris. His first great portrait “Madame Gallé et ses filles” is admired there; It is the beginning of a very important serie and that is as well in number as in quality. The success of his works will later give him a national renoun and many orders.
Victor Prouvé is first of all a portraitist and landscape painter but he becomes an excellent engraver realizing some very nice mezzotint. In his stays in Tunisia in the Gers, Brittany or in the Basque Country, he finds new sources of inspiration and a great strength of interpretation.Very gifted he gives over to sculpting, making silver plate chiselling and even draws embroideries and jewels. He works with Emile Friant on large decorative panels and draws the decorations of glassworks and furniture for Daum and Emile Gallé. Victor Prouvé becomes the second president of the “Ecole de Nancy” when Emile Gallé dies in 1904.It is in the same spirit as that of Emile Gallé , a very ornamentist spirit that Prouvé tried to reach an integration of all arts.
From 1919 to 1940, Victor Prouvé directs the college of art in Nancy. He died in Sétif, Tunisia in 1943

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